Tuesday, December 16, 2008

a bit more

ok it worked
did i mention i am on a european keyboard
apparantly there is no mail system here
so all those postcards i promised you guys... theyll have to wait sorry!
i will be able to call on christmas hopêfully but apparantly thats a huge ordeal too so im just gonna call the fam then
tomorrow we are going to watch a practice of la ballet africans the coolest dance group around gonna be great
im attempting to learn susu which is the local language
its hard though
i wish id learned my french better cause they know that more than english
the electricity is sporadic so our headlamps or totally coming in handy§
its pretty funny seeing us wander around this big house in the dark and then jumping and screaming when the lights suddenly come on!!!!
ok our drummers are staring at me bored so i gotta go (they accompanied us here because the taxi situation is super sketch)
oo i heard there is a blizzard in the states§ save some snow for me!
its bloody hot here but our dance floor is under shade so its not so bad
ok bye!
i will try to write again in a few days


  1. There was a light snow on Saturday night as we were hanging out post-Gingerbread-Houseoff. Liza, Dan, his girlfriend (maybe?) and I took a walk around Capitol Hill as it fell. The trees were dusted white, and Eric's apartment courtyard looked marvelous, with blue-light snowflake decorations hanging from the trees.

    The parking lot where I work is still covered in ice since it has been so cold these last few days, but it's a little too rough and patchy for shoe-skating after work. It's supposed to snow again tomorrow evening and clear up sometime Thursday, so my flight home should be fine.

    I hope you're eating enough for all of that dancing and drumming. Sounds pretty freakin' intense, given that it is supposed to be in the high 80s-low 90s for the next week. Take care of yourself and keep having fun :-)

    PS Hot apple cider with rum is deliciously soul-warming.

  2. Yay safe travels and dancing and Guinea!!!! Your blog is being stalked from Vermont, and I'm so happy you're having fun, have mosquito nets without holes (i had that fun experience once... not fun), and seeing beautiful things, and dancing your face off! We've had two big snow dumpings in Burlington - Church St is filled with giant snow piles.

    Side note: GRANT - PERU?! if you're going to the Andes, I'm coming too. that's my dream travel.

    Dance your bootay for me! xoxo

  3. hey little sis!!! i'm so glad you got there safe! it is so exciting to come to your blog and read your updates. it's all good if you aren't able to update too often, you sound quite busy and full of adventure!

    we have about 2 feet of snow in the twin cities and it's sub zero in temperature. kyle and i drove to michigan yesterday. the drive was a little stressful because the roads were slippery at times. dingo came with us and he is getting along great with kyle's parent's two dogs - toby (shelty) and rufus (pug). we went to the meanwhile last night (really really smoky, which sucked). but i saw jay, chris, aaron, luke, christine, rhoda, rhonda, and deb. it was really fun! today kyle and i did some christmas shopping and then came to his parent's house to hang out and have dinner. tonight we'll see chead and ty and liz. tomorrow afternoon we will go see jonjon and then tomorrow night we'll go to a christmas party at jay, luke, and rick's. saturday we'll go to muskegon in the afternoon and hang with folks in the evening.

    i love you! hope you're are staying healthy and eating well during this physically challenging trip.
    love you love you love you!!!