Tuesday, December 16, 2008

we made it!!!

Im hereeeeee
made it here in 38 hours and have had a rediculous amount of adventures already!
we are staying in a fricken mansion! with our mosquito nets hanging from the ceiling we call our bedroom the princess suite.
we have dance class at 9 to 11 drumming from 3 to 5 and dance again from 5 to 7
its exhausting but i can feel myself getting better already.
the view fromp our room is of vast expansive rice fields and beutiful exotic trees.
the drummers who are karims (one o f my guinean teachers who lives in seattle now) friends from childhood; but are proffesionals!!! they are so good!!! we even have a balphone player.
ok i am going to end this post before the internet dies on me (skkkketchy system) but ill write more i a minute if it doesnt take too long to load
love you all; hope everything is good wherever you all are

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