Saturday, December 27, 2008

Hey all Im back!

Thank you Grant for that fantastic and complete update on the situation. the president has been sick for a long time and so his vice president type person constitutionally took over when he died but then one of the heads of the military decided he wanted to take over so that was the coup; but it seems like everyone was pretty much ok with it. it sounds as though they will let him stay in power until the elections that are scheduled for 2010. we are still in wait and see mode though and are instructed to run the opposite direction if we see any large gathering of people, peaceful or otherwise. this is the first time we were allowed to leave the house since tuesday so it is very freeing.
we have been allowed to dance but our drummers are not allowed to play; however they have been singing the beats with their mouths which is basically the coolest sounding thing ever-6 different beats acappela
when the events went down we were in the woods in Kindia dancing at a rundown tropical resort at the foot of a waterfall complete with a decrepit and treetaken over cabana and mice which were not happy we had taken over their huts
on christmas we had a mock dance performance for the family and the drummers and then gave them all little gifts. surprise^^guinean kids dont like peeps; they tried them and then gave them back to us haha
tomorrow-God willing we will get to go to Roume-a tropical island for a little rest and relaxation and dance class on the beach.
sorry to hear about all the ice and crappy weather in the states; hope it is better now!
thanks again grant and happy travels in peru
if i dont post before HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!


  1. I formally apologize for having someone named Conte cause you trouble on your trip. But I'm very happy to hear that you are safe and still able to dance (to acapella drums no less - AMAZING)!! Happy New Years lady - we miss you!

  2. Glad to hear you're safe, and that people there are patient with the whole thing. Stay safe and have fun tonight. :-)

    Happy New Year!