Wednesday, December 10, 2008

An introduction to my trip

So I'm going to Africa.
If anyone is wondering who they have to thank for this it would be Lois, my dance teacher Sophomore year at the University of Vermont, who offered a West African dance class as gym credit.
Who would want to take 'walking for fitness' when you can embrace your inner self, learn part of a new culture, work out harder than you ever have AND have 5 live drummers playing for you for 2 hours?

Heres my itinerary for the trip:
December 12 6:30am: Leave Seattle, fly to JFK: 5 1/2 hrs
Fly 7 hours to CASABLANCA, MORROCCO! And 15 hour layover sweet
Sleep for a bit, shower, explore hopefully without getting into too much trouble
Back to the airport
4 hours to Conakry, Guinea arriving at 3am Sunday December 14

December 14-18
2 a day dance classes taught by members of Les Ballets Africains
1 drum class a day by our host Karim and other professional drum instructors

December 18-22 Visit Kindia - a Village that is beautiful....that's all I know

December 22-27
Ass kicking 2 a day dance classes and drum class
+ Christmas in a foreign country

December 27-29 Visit Roume - a tropical island off the coast of Guinea

December 29-January 3rd
More dance shakin
+ New Years Eve!!!!

January 3rd leave at 3am
arrive home 20+ hours later at 5pm Saturday night Seattle time

Thats it for now.

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