Friday, December 12, 2008

Its 2:28am and I'm sitting here trying to stay awake.
Judy (trip companion) and her friend will be here to pick me up in less than 2 hours, and I just think that sleeping at this point would be a bad idea.
My bags are mostly packed, but I have the innate feeling that I am forgetting something.
And unfortunately, if I forget something, I'm not really going to be able to 'run to the corner store to grab a replacement' I actually, for real, realized that I will be entering a new world as I know it in a matter of hours (or rather 30 or so) and panicked at about 11:47pm.
Fortunately I had this freak out while in the knowledgeable care of my fantastic roommate Leah, who has been to Africa twice and knows exactly what I'm feeling at this moment.
She convinced me that I really do want to go on this trip, and that though my bed feels super comfy, warm, safe, and bug free right now, I will be so exhausted and happy from all my adventures that the bed I sleep in really won't matter.
So I am now post-freak out, and I think I am excited again...either that or just jittery from lack of sleep and this cold that has continued to fill my sinuses and blocked some balance-helping senses.
This will hopefully not inhibit my plan to waddle into the airport with a ginormous backpacking backpack, duffle bag, backpack (turtleshell style) and purse!!!!
Wish me luck!

There may happen to be some co-authored pieces on this blog by Grant.
He helped me make my blog, and in my nerves of it being my first solo blog experience agreed to watch over it. Maybe he'll post if my writing gets too mundane or he has a fantastic Africa related topic to discuss, or my writing becomes nonexistent if i don't find any internet service! He is Seattle, but will be traveling to Peru in a week or 2 so it sort of makes sense...

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    Tricia..this is what has been happening in the states. Shoes, blizzards, did I mention shoes???? hahahahahahaha. Best thing ever. I hope that wherever you are, this video will show.