Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Update on Tricia

Hey gang,

I hadn't quite ironed out the details of how I was going to abuse my highly sought-after and awe-inspiring blog co-author power (I was sort of planning on using it to make fun of Tricia while she wasn't around), but I certainly didn't plan on being called to blog duty by the serious and unpredictable nature of our world.

Guinea's political leader, the long-time dictator Lansana Conte, died today of natural causes. The government has been seized by a group called the National Council for Democracy in what is being called a military coup. Here is the AP report, and here is the BBC report. So far it has been a non-violent transition, but there are concerns that political or military pressure could strain existing ethnic relations and possibly lead to something as serious as a civil war. HOWEVER: Conte was old, so this is not completely out of the blue, and while the NCD might not necessarily be the most powerful and well-backed military institution, at least it is not extremely radical or divisive. As far as coups go, this one seems pretty mild.

Tricia and her rag-tag band of dancing superfriends are currently safe and sound and on their way back to Karim's hometown from some sort of crazy island getaway. (If it sounds like I might not be very clear on the details, you are very perceptive.) Being that the country is in mourning for their departed leader and in a state of tenuous flux for an incoming military government, it sounds like Tricia and her group might be temporarily suspending their dancing activities until things settle down a little bit.

Anyway, I'm sure Tricia will have a lot more relevant details shorty, but this special blog PSA is just to let everyone know that for the time being she is OK.

Also, I just decided to abuse my co-author power by suggesting that everyone wish her a merry Christmas by sending her 40 emails.

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