Saturday, December 20, 2008

weekend update

thank you for the great updates!
i am sad i am missing the snow but glad im getting the summer weather that i missed being in temperate seattle
thing are wonderful here
it has been hot humid and sunny every day
we have a pool in our compound/mansion so we are going to have a pool party mlater
karim has 5 brothers and 4 sisters i think? plu a bunch of adopted siblings to from age 30 something to 5ish
they dont keep track of age here so they dont really know how old they are
some of the younger ones are in school (hooray quite an honor)
but they are with us this weekend so we are going to pool parety with them today and ee if we can teach them to swim
a few days ago we went to see a practice of les ballets africans the best dance group in the country it was amazing
then we went to the market and bought fabric
as we speak lanzanzi our taylor is making me a KICK aSS outfit for 400000 guinea francs which i approx 8 dollars REDICULOUS
the air quality is very poor here and polio is still a big problem
i have been taught How to litter as there is no trash pickup system
i will say most people are wearing shoes though; which is big for hookworm and a million other problems
my mind is in overload trying to figure out how to react to all of this; but hopefully it will come in time
tomorrow we are going to Kindia which i a little village about 3 hours from here
guinea is the size of michigan but because the roads are so poor it takes a lot longer to get not as far here.
we will shop and dance and swim in waterfalls there
ok thats all for now
miss you all
eat some snow for me
safe travels to all yall heading home for the holidays


  1. sounds like you're having a blast! i'm so happy that you finally got the opportunity to visit africa & spend some time studying dance & drumming there! enjoy it! and if you see any endangered species, remember: eat them before they go extinct! just kidding.


  2. Hey Tricia,

    Your adventures sound awesome so far! And I'm confident you'll make the rest of your trip a great time too. I'm curious to hear more about the culture shock (littering, etc.) but that can wait until the next time I pass through Seattle - no sense dwelling on it now. Just enjoy, learn, and (to quote Faye the wise) dance your face off.



  3. Maybe you've heard already, but you are missing a blizzard in Seattle! Crazy, right? Although, it sounds like the blizzard there is a mix of sleet and snow, not quite so white and fluffy as the snow in Michigan. Kyle and I had a crazy busy visit in GRap and are now back home, back to work. Well kyle is back at work. I had to work today until 3:30, but then I am off again until next monday. and next week I only work monday, tuesday, and wednesday!

    love you!